Hello easterly,  today we only managed to launch the morning trip because of the dreaded easterly wind which makes our seas too bumpy for the boats.  This morning we saw Southern Right Whales which is not common this time of the year.  Recent sightings for the past week have included:  Bottlenose dolphins, Humpback dolphins, Southern Right Whales, Brydes Whales and Humback Whales not to mention the ever entertaining Cape Fur seals on Robberg Peninsula.  

Whale sightings are common throughout the year with Brydes whales frequenting the bay during summer and winter months.  To see Southern Right whales this time of the year is a treat.  We are not surprised to see Humpback Whales this time of the year as we have spotted Humpback whales in January previous years.  The Humpback whales are very skittish at the moment because many of them are travelling with very new calves.   If you are using private boats, please respect these animals and remain the required 300m distance.  Only permitted boats may travel closer.


Summer time is here.... We can definately feel it with all the easterlies we have been having.  Although we have been unable to launch the boats for a while now, we have been seeing plently of dolphins on our coastline.  This past week we have seen the endangered Humpback Dolphins swimming slowly past the river mouth and Lookout as well as the ever Playful Bottlenose dolphins up to their antics on Keurbooms Beach.  Remember that whales are not a thing of the past like winter, some Humpback Whales were sighted off the Point of Robberg Peninsula a day ago and we also start to see alot more of our resident Brydes Whales during summer.  Hope to see you onboard.